Podcast about Professor Witold Lipiński’s house

An interview with Zbigniew Maćkow about the “Igloo” house designed by Professor Witold Lipiński – in the first episode of podcast “Well Designed” – https://radio357.pl/.
Anna Dudzińska is creating a catalogue of the best designed spaces in the world. Her guests will talk about the places and buildings that inspired them and that have influenced their professional paths.

🎧To listen here: https://radio357.pl/twoje357/audycje/dobrze-zaprojektowane-tylko-w-twoje-357?fbclid=IwAR2s_2qEDkVh91UsK3qOvOV3-9RBRNdfWdlR0FoK_vXNZdOnjXPVRGcOtVY