The consciously reductionist approach to this quarter was an attempt to find a formula for affordable housing with the best possible urban parameters. The building was designed as two modules on a common garage slab. The distribution of the flats made it possible to create an inner courtyard, partly connected with the ground level by a gentle slope. The semi-private space created in this way was enriched with greenery and recreational functions. The entire area is separated from the road by a pergola with bicycle racks, utility boxes and a service module, which makes the concept homogenous and complete. Simple balconies lend a tectonic effect to the blocks.

Angel River

It is a special project because it does what we care most about – it builds the city. It’s not just about housing, it can be done by everyone. Angel River also delivers added value for the city through the revitalisation impuls, which we hope will have a positive impact on the surroundings. Angel River is a continuation of the development carried out in the first phase under the trade name Angel Wings, and it’s just another part of a larger whole. It forms a compact block of development that opens up with semi-private interiors to the Oława river, while on the other side it co-creates high quality public space, creating an enclosure for the downtown square. The remaining walls of this space will be built in subsequent stages of the investment, already creating one of the first contemporary downtown spaces in Wrocław. Additionally, the tower building is a height accent which marks the presence of the new residential complex within the dense urban fabric of Przedmieście Oławskie. It is worth emphasising here that the buildings of the Angel River complex “spill over” in a positive way into the immediate surroundings, creating public and semi-public spaces also outside the area which directly belong to the investor, and in this way they bring new quality into the city.