The revitalisation of the neo-Gothic building was another attempt to restore the old fabric of the city. The dominant character of the historic palace is emphasised by the austere style of the new residential part and the limited, moderate landscaping. Old trees in the rehabilitated park have been given priority and thoroughly cared for, while the muted colours highlight the historical context. The buildings simultaneously constitute a frame for the park complex and provide a setting for Gdańska Street, thus striking a balance between the open character of the plot and the scale of the surrounding quarter development.

Multi-family residential complex: two residential buildings and reconstruction and change of use of historic building of the former Heimann Foundation as a multi-family building. Wrocław, Gdańska Street

Autor budynku:Albert Grau
Autorzy projektu:Maćków Pracownia Projektowa: Zbigniew Maćków (Chief Architect), Szymon Brzezowski (Lead Architect), Aleksandra Czupkiewicz, Anna Haudek, Aleksandra Herman, Joanna Major, Marek Konopnicki, Michał Romański, Natalia Rowińska
Konstrukcja:Zimny Construction
Nadzór konserwatorski:Wojciech Brzezowski
Inwestor:Echo Investment
Inżynier kontraktu:Paweł Bielakowski
Generalny wykonawca:PORR
P. użytkowa:1 183 m2 (existing building), 5 493 m2 (new buildings)
P. całkowita:1 637 m2 (existing building), 5 143 m2 (new buildings)
Kubatura:5 486 m3 (existing building), 22 844 m3 (new buildings)
Zdjęcia:Maciej Lulko


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