The characteristic post-war appearance of the Mills, with the linking section just above the water and the logo, has created a spatial memory of the place which we decided to preserve. We added a cosy green square in the form of an embankment hiding the garage and serving as an open public space. The existing window openings have been enlarged, making the original outline visible while varying the degree of transparency of the new glazing. The difference between the new and the historic is still clear. The building takes on a different form depending on the amount of light and temperature, which may seem more dynamic because of the mobile façades.


Restoration and extension of the historic Maria Mill complex in Wroclaw

Autor budynku:Fredrich Wilhelm Brunnert 1791-92
Autorzy projektu:Restoration - Maćków Pracownia Projektowa: Zbigniew Maćków (Chief Architect), Szymon Brzezowski (Lead Architect), Aleksandra Czupkiewicz, Aleksandra Herman, Marek Konopnicki, Joanna Major, Michał Romański, Natalia Rowińska, Marta Wolak, Paweł Karpa, Marcin Brzeziński
Wizualizacje:Paweł Osmak
Inwestor:RealCo Property Investment & Development
P. zabudowy:2 156 m2
P. użytkowa:9 460 m2
Kubatura:45 785 m3
Zdjęcia:Maciej Lulko


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