The typology of the modern school is, by its very nature,  in contradiction with the dense city. Rather, it needs extensive structures, quiet neighbourhoods and proximity to residential areas. This is a completely different world from the one squeezed into the inner city quarters. The apparent paradox of a location in the strict centre – between a busy street and a railway line – is explained by the “Łowiecka” brand, whose influence on the educational market is well beyond the local area. The second reason is the immediate vicinity of the Wroclaw Philharmonic, which is moving to the National Forum of Music, leaving its building, opening the potential for creating a unique complex.

The size of the plot, the need for appropriate sun exposure for the classrooms and meeting stringent acoustic protection guidelines, resulted in a decision to pile up all the functions into one homogenous block with an open inner courtyard. The compact, geometrical layout dictated a regular and disciplined distribution of functions – on the street side, the acoustic buffer for the classrooms is a wide corridor that serves both as the main communication and recreational space. The main structure of the building incorporates autonomous, small objects (‘boxes in the box’) with independent walls and ceilings. The structure of these “boxes” depends on the frequency range of the sounds generated by the individual instrument groups. The music rooms were finished with acoustic systems that suppress or amplify particular musical bands.

Piłsudskiego is one of those representative streets whose significance in the city’s spatial hierarchy is exceptional. Its flow has always been counterpointed by monumental facades.  With the school building we are trying to continue this compositional idea. With respect for the spirit of the non-existent city of Breslau.

Karol Szymanowski General Music School; Wrocław, 25 Piłsudskiego Street

Autorzy projektu:Maćków Pracownia Projektowa: Zbigniew Maćków (Chief Architect), Bartłomiej Witwicki (Lead Architect), Agata Kowalczyk, Eliasz Matuła, Zuzanna Wojtasiak, Bartosz Zieliński
Projekt wnętrz:Maćków Pracownia Projektowa
Konstrukcja:GP Konstruktor
Instalacje:Elbes (IS), Janura (IE)
Makieta:Konrad Horsztyński
Identyfikcja wizualna, Logo:Maćków Pracownia Projektowa
Inwestor:Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Muzyczna I i II stopnia im. Karola Szymanowskiego
Inżynier kontraktu:WBI PZITB
Generalny wykonawca:PB Inter-System
P. zabudowy:2 715 m2
P. użytkowa:11 283 m2
P. całkowita:14 693 m2
Kubatura:43 480 m3
Zdjęcia:Maciej Lulko
Nagrody:Prizes: 2015 - Brick Award PL, community facility


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